A Chronicle of Things I Love and Things I Make

Things I Love and Things I Make

Monday, June 18, 2012

Same taste since 7th grade...

This is the first necklace I ever bought myself. 

It was the late 70's, 7th Grade, Spencers Gift Shop in the mall.(Anyone remember the stacked, plastic rainbow bangles? I had those, too.)

This is the most recent necklace I bought myself.
Courtesy of Stone & Honey.

I bought it because:
1. I love it and have coveted it for ages.
2. It works well with maeflydesign jewelry.
3. I've had the same taste (and "hairdo") since 7th grade.


  1. Ah, Spencer's Gifts. This So Cal mall rat recalls many visits to the place, though in 7th grade it was a bit intimidating. My friend's older brother said the "stoners" (in this case, not a maefly pun ala Pamela) always bought the black light posters. Only you could still sport the same hairdo and STILL look fab. We all had surfer bangs back then. Your new necklace is so delicate. Quite lovely.

    1. The black light room at Spencer's was the greatest thing at the mall. My hair was Marcia Brady straight -- but I think I threw off a more Jan vibe...


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